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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. we're not playing helicopter now. ready when you are, they're trimmed of fat and consistently sized to cook in just 10 minutes. life's not perfect. that's why there's perdue perfect portions. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are. . you're watching the station that works for you, abc 2 news at 11:00. breaking news out of ocean city tonight. a rollercoaster malfunction has sent several people to the hospital. i'm kelly swoope. joining us is mike 8 levy, the public information officer for ocean city police. thanks for joining us, what can you tell us? >> about 9:30 tonight the fire department got a call for a structure fire down on the south end of baltimore avenue.
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they responded down here and it was later determined when they got here it was an apparent malfunctioning of one of our roller coasters. naturally we had quite a response, we're quite full and we had a lot of people visiting, but we had three people injured that were on the ride it. we're not sure exactly what caused the apparent malfunction. people from the amusement park ride safety inspection team from the maryland department of labour and licensing are en route to ocean city to inspect the apparent malfunction. >> michael, we're talking about the tidal wave, correct, is that the ride? >> that's correct. >> any information about the extent of injuries? >> well, right now, three people were transported. the injuries are believed to be non-life threat engineer, they were conscious when they were transported and have been taken to area hospitals. i have no more information on
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their injuries, they were conscious and i have information that their injuries were not life-threatening. >> they were three children between the ages of 10 and 15 years old. i don't know the exact breakdown of the ages. >> okay. all right. you said it is being investigated by -- >> yes, ma'am, the ride is closed, and it is being investigated by the department of labour and licensing inspection people from the amusement park ride safety inspection team. >> obviously the ride is shut down for the rest of the evening, correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> all right. michael levy, thank you very much for updating us on that information, we'll continue to follow the story on air and online at . well it is a hot night in baltimore and it's only going to get hotter. it's only been a few weeks since that record-breaking heat wave. now it seems we're headed for triple digits once again. how high will the temperature go? wyatt everhart here with your
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first forecast. >> if anything we had a dry heat, the humidity moving back into maryland, a hot sticky day with temperatures riding even higher on saturday. so we do have heat concerns the next couple of days. we'll take a look at our heat advisories that begin tomorrow noon. also extend into saturday, through saturday evening it would appear. also through the baltimore area, if you have a little further west and east, we don't have an vary yet. we're still in the middle 80s, it feels like '09 right now with all the humidity, you get the idea this heat wave kind of beginning. tomorrow 92 by lunchtime. mid-to upper 90s by afternoon, hot heat indexes will be up above 100, we'll talk about that when we get a break from the heat. air conditioners all over the area have been working overtime, you know what, his wyatt said that is likely to continue over the weekend. now bge is warning customers
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about what they can expect to see on their next power bill. chris is here. >> bills higher than what you're used to, even if you have done nothing, the weather is different, we're talking to people who are trying to stay cool too. it is baking in baltimore and sweltering in the suburbs, ac use is off the charts. >> is it running? i have it on 24/7. >> we have had 289 days of 90 plus temperatures. for june and july of last year we had two. a hot summer likely to burn through your next power bill. >> yes. >> i think the next one is going to be higher for everyone. >> in fact bge is warning customers about the next one. >> they can expect their bills to be a little bit higher because usage is going to go up. >> even customers who always keep their thermostat at the same spot glow even if you keep your thermostat at the same temperature your cooling system will have to work harder to keep your home at that same
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level when it gets extremely hot outside. a federal tax credit on certain home improvement has spurred some people to make changes. seth hendrik and his family got a new hvac system. >> our old ac system broke. we were going to get a cheap replacement but we wanted to save money in the long run, be energy efficient. >> reporter: karen hoffman just had new windows installed. >> i hope that's going to save me from bankruptcy. >> reporter: but she says she is still in for some anxious moments when her next bge bill comes in the mail. >> i'm going to be doing one of those, like planting sideways, but i'm hoping it's not going to be as bad as it confirmation. >> bge says if you think you might have trouble paying your power bill, and your next one is expected to be unusual lehigh, calm bge as soon as possible, we have a link to more energy saving tips on our web site, christopher schaefer, abc 2 news. the big fine for the
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baltimore city nursing home that had to be evacuated during the heat wave last month. raven wood has been find more than $50,000 for their response after the building's air conditioning broke down earlier this month. the center could lose its license and officials are recommending similar federal fines. raven wood remains closed. has everything you need as we break out the fans and cold drinks for another scorching heat wave. you can get all types of tips on how to beat the heat wave. all you have to do is go to our weather tab and click on the hot weather guide. . >> baltimore city police department is hiring, hoping to put an end to an officer's shortage, today mayor stephanie rollins break and craig bale felt announce add plan to hire 100 new officers by the end of the year and 350 in 2011. the head of the union that represents baltimore city police told abc 2 news that changes to the police pension system have contributed to the
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lots of officers. but the mayor says that's not the case. >> reporter: according to pension system records only three of the retiring officers in june would have experienced changes in their pension benefits under the new legislation. >> the hiring plan will keep the peace with normal atransmission rates as well as fill recently-restored positions. well, there is a situation going on in a very popular vacation spot in western maryland. state officials are looking for the cause of a fish kill at deep creek lake. maryland's department of the environment says 200 fish have been found dead in the lake in lake ma kin degree in garrick county. there is no evidence of a toxic chemical and investigators are focusing on the deeper portion of the lake because of the size of the fish found. nde says there is no evidence of a threat to human health but people are still advised to avoid contact with the dead fish. .
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new at 11:00 tonight, a bill that called for a big retail does in baltimore city to pay workers a living wage has died in city council committee. supporters of the bill say if workers were paid $10.69 an hour instead of the $7.25 minimal wage they would be able to put money back in the economy but they feared it would keep businesses out of the city. a catonsville community is honoring a volunteer who impacted so many people in the '80s and 90s, they gathered for a special tribute to victoria again tile. she dedicated 30 years as a baltimore county parks and rec manager and is responsible for this park being here today. >> this park is actually supposed to be a development for hope and she stopped that development from happening for her kids and for all the kids. >> again tile was diagnosed with early onset alzheimers and at 59 years old she is in the
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final stages. there is a special garden at the park in her memory. sports clips tonight celebrated the opening of its 700th store while attempting to set a world record while also helping a good cause. 10 stylists have been cutting away trying to set the mark for the most haircuts given in the 10-hour period. the final locks fell just two hours ago. >> a $7 hair cut, donation, asking for $7, all that money is going to the orioles reach as a donation to the charity. >> 5, 4, 3. >> but, most important, sports clips raised at least $2,500 for the organization. a check for tonight's proceeds will be presented at tomorrow night's game. if you shop a lot you're familiar with rebates, that little bit of cash you get back after buying something in full. but there is a new trend in the world of rebates. checks are being replaced with prepaid rebate cards and those
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can come with some hidden risk. plus, a medical break- through is giving new hope to a young patient with severe birth defect. 94 trees the high out at bwi. 88 would be average this time of the year. here we go with more extreme heat. big heat wave starting tomorrow, we'll talk about it and when we may see some relief. it's all coming up. >> and then the rain came. and the rain didn't let up. we remember suffering through a downpour. >> the sky just opened up. >> yeah, everything is getting wet. from the inside out. >> maryland's most powerful radar. >> wyatt everhart is at the build site right now. >> we have been talking about when is the rain going to let up we have now got the sun. >>, right off the weather page, abc 2. we work for you. . >> i just told them do your best. build a car you're proud of.
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. l. we want to recap the breaking news out of ocean city we brought you at the very top of the show. the tidal wave rollercoaster park experienced. >> amanda: function at round 6:30 tonight. they told us the top of the newscast three people ages 10
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to 15 suffered minor injuries. state inspectors are investigating and we'll have the very latest tomorrow morning on "good morning maryland" and also on . >> in tonight's health alert most of us think it happens all too easily. it's actually considered a big medical breakthrough. a doctor in texas has come up with a way to store human fat. believe it or not, that's never been done before. storing tissues like fat is really complex. the process includes a careful deepfreeze. >> when you unfreeze the fat it's got to be alive and it's got to be active and it's got to be functional fat, otherwise, it just turns into scar. >> 12-year-old timothy was born with facial deform tease. he'll use his own stored fat to
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correct the defects rather than putting him through surgeries. they'll also be able to harvest stem cells from his fat. a consumer warning about those prepaid plastic rebate cards. when you're shopping it's always appealing to know you'll get money back for your purchase but more and more rebate cards are showing up in mailboxes now instead of checks and as jimmy costello explains, if you're not careful, you may be missing out on your money. >> a great rebate offer convinced edward dorsey to buy some antivirus software. he was surprised and agitated when a plastic rebate debit card arrived in the mail. >> it is annoying, number 1, to receive a prepaid card instead of a rebate check. you're expecting a check and you get the card. then it's difficult to use. >> he bought the card the first time, no problem, but when he am came back the cashier needed to know the exact amount left
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on the card or he couldn't use it. >> it was a pain in the neck. >> this is one thing they are griping about. consumers union says it's been getting complaints from people due to maintenance fees, dormancy fees, x probation dates on the cars. though these look and work like gift cards they aren't regulated like gift cards. >> gift cards for the most part have protections, whether it be from state laws or federal laws, unfortunately, prepaid rebate cards do not have these protections which means there aren't any restrictions on fees. >> the rebate cards do come with terms and conditions in small type where all the fees are explained and it's important to pay attention as even the network branded prepaid card association admits. >> read it, activate the card. >> that's one of the keys to getting every cent out of rebate cards, others include spend the value immediately. use before the x probation date and something many consumers don't realize.
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some rebate cards actually allow you to deposit the value into your bank account. the really bait car association says they issue it on plastic instead of paper as a convenience. >> to give somebody a check is a guaranteed hassle. with this get the check and you can use it rights away. >> but edgar says if you're a rebate shopper figuring this out is a hassle. if you don't know how to squeeze every cent you can from one of these you could be losing out. >> know what the rules are and know you have to find out the balance to the penny if you want to use up the card on something that is more expensive than what's left on the card. >> you know, many rebate cards have a toll free number to call or a web site to log onto to allow you to find the exact balance on the card. the it's stolen report that to the merchant. they may give you a card. if a thief, though, has taken the balance down to zero you
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might be out of luck. jamie costello, abc 2 news. a new york city cop is in hot water after he was involved in a hit and run accident all caught on tape. surveillance video shows the in his cruiser running into a bicyclist in the crosswalk. he is accused of hitting the cyclist, handing him a tissue, driving off without filing a report. he has pleaded not guilty and is suspended without pay. the by cyclist suffered a broken wrist. >> and one more piece of interesting surveillance video. a woman picked and unusual way to conceal her face during a robbery. she volunteered up to a mcdonalds drive through with underwear over her face. certainly seems like it might have been an inside job as she had a key to the register so she could easily grab the cash. a bye son attack during vacation at yellow stone park and it's all caught on camera.
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>> they warn about getting too close to the wildlife but a pair of friends ignored the signs and got more than they bargained for. >> i was waiting for him to stomp my head and i could hear breathing and his hooves were by my head. i thought this was it, this was how i was going to get out. >> they were able to get away from the animal with only minor injuries. >> now the forecast certified the most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good way to get hot huh. >> absolutely kelly. a heat advisory will kick in tomorrow noon and the afternoon we're talking about high 90s, but with the humidity feeling like more than 100 and an even hotter saturday, very, very hot weekend on the way here, so you know, last full weekend of july we expected hot but not this hot. >> crazy. >> that's what it is. let's take a look outside. muggy night in the city. a relatively try heat today,
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now humidity climbing, 72%. temperature 79 right now and no wind to speak of. so yeah, not much of a breeze to help you out there. through the day today, beautiful sunshine early, clouds thickened up, stayed nice and try, no thunderstorm threat at all today. clearing toward sunset, a little bit of serious, we go towards darkness, but on the whole we do bring back that chance for pop-up storms really beginning tomorrow evening. high temperatures, mid-'09s, hotter downtown in some spots, mid-'09s, dulles to 95, easton to 90, so it depended where you were exactly how high up in the 90s you were. tonight slow to cool off, still hanging onto some 80s out there. heat advisory kicking in at noon, all of southern maryland. carroll county west we don't have an advisory nor do we for the eastern shore. the philadelphia area also with an excessive heat watch. take you out wider, that dry heat from the day just about pushed out as the boundary slides, brings back that very
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humid and hotter air into the picture, that july sun is just gonna cook that air tomorrow, pushing us well up into the mid- to upper 90s, our forecast model again, chance for a storm to pop-up in the afternoon, more so in western maryland, but as we push up close to 100 on saturday, we could see more thunderstorm action into the afternoon and evening, we're watching after that to extremely hot wind conditions helps the storms. here she is tropical storm bonnie now, official from the national hurricane center, up graded from a tropical depression still several hundred miles off miami. the track of this storm is interesting, not expected to become a small hurricane, but it takes it out over southern florida to the open gulf and right up towards new orleans. at least right now that's what we're looking at that would take it over the water that has seen all that oil. back here the story is going to be this. very, very hot conditions, close to the upper 90s, some spots around d.c. will hit 100 tomorrow. so let's take a look at it
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tonight. 74, dry, warm conditions, clouds on the increase, then into the day tomorrow, hot conditions, 2-degree guarantee 96 but many spots will be hotter and everyone will feel more like the mid-100s. the mid-110s, 105 or so is how it will feel tomorrow. hot and very, very humid, next two days chance of a pop-up storm, the next story is going to be heat right through sunday. early next week drop us back to 90. kelly? >> thanks wyatt. floyd landis restricted this tour de france title in 2006 by testing positive for using a banned substance. now he has accused former teammate lance armstrong of doping. in his only television interview he talks to abc news in a special edition of night line airing tomorrow night right here on abc 2 news.
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now we want to know what you think. you can weigh in on the conversation and get involved. you can make a comment on the facebook page and also wrote in our web poll, we're going to have the results and some of your thoughts tomorrow night on abc 2 news at 11:00. well you can be charged with drunk driving in a car or even on a bike or a riding mo we are, but how about a shopping cart? this one might be a new one. . storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean. . >> gogo
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. abc 2 news is brought to you by >> press box sports report presented by mr. basement. >> this is stan the fan charles with the "press box sports report," the man who should be most concerned about ed reed's upsetted necessary with his ways is head coach john harbaugh. he says he has got a solid relationship with the injured
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safety and he says "i know ed reed loves to play, he loves the ray ventures, he'll be here when he can be." >> it came after his comments to his reporters while he was promoting his camp and scholarship. >> the man who would have been the fourth amigo, chris paul, if not for the timing, he still has two years left on his fact. he is arguing hard to end up a nick or bacher. in order to do so the knicks donnie walsh has to make a move. first bob sheppard, then the owner george steinbrenner, casey stengall, ralph passed away at the age of 90, ravens camp coming in five days, just a click away in, the "ravens report." >> hi, i'm red green baumgartner.
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. tomorrow on "good morning maryland" held onto your seat, what is summertime without amusement parks, especially when it comes to roller coasters. we're checking out the top 5 best amusement parks here in our area. weather and traffic for you tomorrow. on "good morning maryland." abc 2 works for the community, a proud partner with hippodrome theater, baltimore. >> mia can hold her brett for 10 minutes under water.
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. probably not the best way to avoid a drunk driving bust. a 19-year-old businessman was caught on video driving a motorized shopping cart because he was too drunk to drive his bike. he was not charged with drunk driving. the cart was stolen so the teen is charged with theft. >> nothing good happening there. >> no-no no. >> kelly, quick check tomorrow, hot one on the way. heat advisory out for almost all the baltimore-d.c. area, the cities are going to be awfully hot, mid-to upper 90s by the afternoon, but with the humidity triple digits, it will feel like, so -- >> i'm getting hot thinking about it. >> going to be hot. cool and cold beverages.
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5, 6, 11, have a good night.
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